Summer camp

General information

General information for summer camp

Arrival and departure of campers :

12 and 26 days session:
ARRIVAL at camp Sunday between 1 and 3 pm.
DEPARTURE from camp Friday between 9 am and 10:30 am.

6 days session (Sunday to Saturday):
ARRIVAL : Sunday between 1  and 3 p.m.
DEPARTURE : Saturday between 9 and 10 a.m.

6 days session (Saturday to Friday): 
ARRIVAL: Saturday at 1 pm.
DEPARTURE: Friday between 9 am to 10:30am.


Medical insurance card and medication:

Upon arrival at camp, it is important to drop off your child’s medical insurance card and medications like Tylenol, Advil, prescriptions…to the camp’s health care supervisor, no medication is allowed in the cabins. Everything will be returned to you upon departure.

Laundry Service :

Laundry Service is offered to campers who have registered for 26 day session. The cost of the laundry service is $10.00 per load. The fee must be paid cash upon arrival at camp.

T-shirt :

A camp T-shirt will be offered free of charge to each camper upon arrival at camp.

Transportation :

Parents are responsible for transportation of their children to and from camp.

Safety :

The supervision of campers is assured 24 hours a day and 7 days a week by the team of counsellors, coordinators and directors of the camp. All staff follow a yearly first aid class as well as a 60 hour camp training program before any campers arrive at camp. In order to ensure the safety of the children, the camp follows diligently the safety norms as called out by the certification program of the Quebec Camp Association. In order to ensure the safety of the campers, certain activities may be cancelled due to inclement weather.

Lice :

Please examine your child’s head for lice in their hair prior to arrival to camp to avoid spreading infestation.
A routine inspection will be done upon arrival on camp with the parent. A child with lice at arrival will be returned home until complete lice and eggs elimination. We will administer the second treatment that will be provided by the parents after a week.

Objects that are forbidden at camp :

Video games, cellular phones, computer, electronic tablet, candy, alcohol, cigarettes, electronic cigarettes, pocket knifes and drugs. Campers caught smoking or drinking alcohol will be return home with no refund.

Objects not recommended for camp :

Jewelry, expensive clothes, mp3 players, iPod, digital cameras.

Lost objects :

The camp is not responsible for objects that are lost or forgotten at camp. Upon departure of each camp session, the camp staff will place in the cafeteria all objects found in the dorms and unclaimed by the campers. Please ensure that the campers do not leave anything behind.

For campers staying 26 days :

These campers will have the opportunity of spending an afternoon in the village of Saint-Donat in a supervised activity as well as attend a water slide activity. It is permitted to bring pocket money for these activities; we suggest a maximum of $20 since they will be responsible for their money.

Parental visits :

There are no parental visits for camp sessions of 6 and 12 days. For campers staying 26 days, visiting days are Sunday July 11, 2021 and  Sunday August 8, 2021 between 1 p.m. and 5 p.m.

How to contact your child :

Regular mail is the recommended method of communication (if you send an envelop special delivery please do not request for a signature since it will take longer to get to your child). The campers are encouraged to write to their parents and friends, do not forget to provide them with sufficient paper and pre-stamped envelopes. Parents can also send a message through our new communication platform on our website. You can find the link here. We will deliver the messages on Wednesday only. Campers are not permitted to use the telephone and the Internet except in case of emergency or on a camper’s birthday.

Camp management is available to inform parents on their children’s progress and their adaptation to camp life.

Payment :

After receiving confirmation from your registration, please send us a completed and signed medical form for each camper (download it here).

For 2021, the total amount of the session will be payable in May 2021. More information will be sent to you.

Camp sweatshirt :

If you wish to order a camp sweatshirt for your child, please include the payment of 35$ with you deposit. Campers will receive their sweatshirt upon arrival at camp.



Mailing address :

(Before May 1st)
Secrétariat La Grande Aventure en Anglais
1914 route du Nord
Brownsburg-Chatham (Québec) J8G 1C8

tél: 819-424-3636

(After May 1st)
La Grande Aventure en… Anglais !
33 Ch. Lac Provost Nord
St-Donat (Québec) J0T 2C0

Telephone (including any emergencies) :
819 424-3636

Dates and prices

Dates and Prices 2021

IMPORTANT: Our 2021 season has been cancelled

Over the past year, we have followed closely the evolution of measures taken to address the pandemic in Quebec. Until recently, we hoped that Camp La Grande Aventure en Anglais could open for the summer 2021. Sadly, the current situation is still unstable.

After consulting our staff that comes from different part of Canada and through a survey to our parents of campers, Camp La Grande Aventure en Anglais has taken the difficult decision for a second summer, to cancel the season 2021. Even with all the best intention, we think that it would be difficult to welcome our campers and staff in a safe way.

We remain confident and hope to welcome your child back in the summer 2022, we will reimburse the deposit some parents made for season 2020 in the next weeks.

No. Date Days Age
(tax included)
1 Sunday, June 27 to Friday, July 9 12 8-16 2045$ Cancelled
2 Sunday, July 11 to Friday, July 23 12 8-16 2045$ Cancelled
3 Sunday, July 25 to Friday, August 6 12 8-16 2045$ Cancelled
4 Sunday, August 8 to Friday, August 20 12 8-16 2045$ Cancelled
5 Sunday, June 27 to Saturday, July 3 6* 7-9 1023$ Cancelled
6 Saturday, July 3 to Friday, July 9 6* 7-9 1023$ Cancelled
7 Sunday, July 11 to Saturday, July 17 6* 7-9 1023$ Cancelled
8 Saturday, July 17 to Friday, July 23 6* 7-9 1023$ Cancelled
9 Sunday, July 25 to Saturday, July 31 6* 7-9 1023$ Cancelled
10 Saturday, July 31 to Friday, August 6 6* 7-9 1023$ Cancelled
11 Sunday, August 8 to Saturday, August 14 6* 7-9 1023$ Cancelled
12 Saturday, August 14 to Friday, August 20 6* 7-9 1023$ Cancelled
13 Sunday, June 27 to Friday, July 23 26 12-16 4080$ Cancelled
14 Sunday, July 25 to Friday, August 20 26 12-16 4080$ Cancelled
15 Sunday, June 28 to Friday, July 24 / PAM/CIT** 26 16-17 1940$ Cancelled


**CIT Intensive English Counsellor in Training Leadership program offered on invitation only to returning campers.

Summit: This program of 5 days canoe camping and hiking for 14-16 years old will not be offered in 2021

Please Note:

  • Prices above include all camp session expenses and applicable taxes.
  • A tax credit for daycare will be issued in January 2022 with the social insurance number of the parent.
  • Family discount: A $50 discount will be offered for a second child registered for 6 day session or $100 discount for a second child registered for a 12 or 26 day session. A $200 discount will be offered for a a third child registered for a 12 or 26 day session. A $300 discount will be offered for a fourth child registered for a 12 or 26 day session.  There are no family discounts for CIT registration since the program is subsidized.
  • Camp will be CLOSED for mid-camp session between Friday, July 23 at 11 am and Sunday July 25 at 12 pm.

Refer a new family program 2021:

  • Refer a new family that has not previously attended our camp and receive a $100 cheque when you arrive at camp.

Registration procedures:

  • A completed and signed medical form for each camper (download it here)
  • Given the uncertainty of whether overnight camps will be operating in Quebec in 2021, we will not be requiring a deposit for registrations. Your total amount for the session will be indicated on your confirmation of registration.

There will be no reduction of camp fees or reimbursement for a camper arriving late or leaving before the end of the session.

The camp direction reserves the right to send home a camper without reimbursement if he or she misbehaves or does not respect the camp rules.


Age groups

Age groups

Discoverers : 7-9 years
Explorers : 8-11 years
Adventurers : 12-13 years
Challengers and Summit: 14-16 years
C.I.T : 16-17 years



Age :Discoverer

7 – 9 years

Length of stay :

6 days

Level of English :


This group is reserved for our 7, 8 and 9 year olds with no camp experience and limited English skills. They will learn basic vocabulary and will enjoy the fun approach adopted in their conversation workshops.

Activities :

Their days are full of sports and outdoor activities such as rock climbing, canoeing, hiking, arts and crafts, obstacle course, archery and a themed afternoon activity.



Ages :

8 – 11 years

Length of stay :

12 days

Level of English :

Beginner to Advanced

Their level of English will improve as they interact with their qualified counsellors and in the company of other campers with the same level of English skills. They will learn vocabulary adapted to their level of English, how to ask questions and they will gain a better understanding of the English language.


Our Explorers program focuses on the discovery of nature and ecology in the natural surroundings of the camp by participating in numerous outdoor camp activities such as: rock climbing, hiking, arts and crafts, obstacle course, survival, an overnight camping trip on our Island, science experiments, big adventure photo rally, themed explorer afternoon, canoeing, swimming, archery, and yoga kayaks.



Age :

12 – 13 years

Length of stay :

12 or 26 days

Level of English :

Beginner to Advanced

Counsellors will create English activities based on campers’ interests and level of English. Campers will learn more vocabulary and be able to express themselves more easily in English with their peers and counsellors.


Our adventurer campers will push their outdoor experience further with activities adapted to their age group. They will partake in the following activities throughout their stay: Mountain biking, rock climbing, hiking, arts and crafts, rabaska, a 2-day canoe camping trip in the Parc du Mont-Tremblant, an afternoon at the beach, survival, leadership, obstacle course, archery, bouldering wall and tarzan rope.

When staying 26 days, our senior campers will also take part in a second outing: a canoe-camping expedition in Mont-Tremblant Park. A day at the water slides will complete a camp session full of outdoor and sporting activities all conducted in English.



Age :

14 – 16 year

Length of stay :

12 or 26 days

Level of English :

Beginner to Advanced

Counsellors will work with the challenger campers to create English activities engaging them to lead discussions with their peers and other counsellors. Campers will feel more confident in expressing themselves in English and engage more openly in English conversation.


The challenger campers will engage in many outdoors activities exposing them to all the wonders of the natural world around them. They will partake in the following activities throughout their stay: Mountain biking, rock climbing, hiking, arts and crafts, rabaska, a 2-day canoe camping trip in the Parc du Mont-Tremblant, an afternoon at the beach, survival, spirit day, obstacle course, archery, bouldering wall and tarzan rope.

When staying 26 days, our senior campers will also take part in a second outing: a canoe-camping expedition in Mont-Tremblant Park. A day at the water slides will complete a camp session full of outdoor and sporting activities all conducted in English.

Challengers «Summit»Challenger Summit

Age :

14 – 16 year

Length of stay :

26 days/12 days

Dates :

Not available in 2021

Note: A camper with a severe allergy with an EpiPen will not be able to register for this expedition because of the difficulty to evacuate quickly in the Mont Tremblant Provincial Park.

Level of English :

Beginner to Advanced


*A camper staying 26 days will participate in the challenger program (see above) the first 12 days. During the next 12 days they will participate in the challenger “summit” program.

During their first 5 days of camp the “summit” campers will participate in a few camp activities which will help them prepare for their 5 day adventure. They will do: Hiking, rock climbing, mountain biking and leadership games.

After 5 days, a big challenge awaits these campers, they will live an unforgettable group experience. The campers will spend two days hiking and stopping to sleep in cabins in the Mont-Tremblant Park . Then, they will be picked up and brought to the beginning of the La Diable River in Mont-Tremblant Park, where they will canoe down beginner or intermediate rapids* for 3 days and sleep in tents along the side of the river. Throughout the expedition, an English workshop program will be adapted to their special trip. Our campers will enjoy a memorable experience in the company of 3 experienced outdoor counselors.

* depending on level of water in the rivers

Specific equipment needed:

– Backpack( between 50 to 65 liters)big enough to contain a compact sleeping bag, clothing and personal effects for 5 days.
– Compact sleeping bag with compression bag
– Trekking/running shoes
– Rain gear (rain pants and rain coat)
– Croc style shoes or strap sandals for canoeing

Bagpack 50 +10 liter

outdoor compression sack     hiking shoes
Please go to Things to bring to camp for additional camp items.

Counsellor in Training Program : CIT

Intensive English counselor in training leadership program

Age :

16-17 years

Camp Session :

26 days program. After succeding their exam, the campers will be invited to stay and work at camp as assistant counsellors for another 26 days with pay.

To whom this program is addressed to? :

A total of 8 boys and girls, 16 to 17 years of age will be chosen from returning campers who wish to be part of this program

The program:

The goal of this program (delivered entirely in English) is to train future counsellors and to improve their level of English to meet LGA standards. This new challenge includes:

1) The CITs will follow the ACQ (Quebec Camping Association) program to acquire important knowledge about the job of a counsellor in a summer camp. This program includes 200 hours of practical training and theory on a variety of subjects:


– Introduction and integration of campers at camp
– Roles, responsibilities and tasks of counsellors
– Planning and organizing a camp activity
– Daily activities
– Special activities
– Youth characteristics
– Creativity
– Forest survival
– Teamwork
– Security, prevention and emergency evacuations
– First Aid (8 hour certified first aid course mandatory before arrival)
– Taking charge
– Looking for employment
– Camp specialized programs: English immersion

The CIT candidate must pass a practical and theoretical exam at the end of his/her training program in order to obtain a certificate of completion. The results obtained in the exam will be also forwarded to the Quebec Camp Association. The CIT certification is a valuable asset for all 16 or 17-year-olds who wish to work in a certified camp in Québec or in a municipal day camp.

2)  CITs will receive higher English education through advanced, structured and motivated English workshops with emphasis on; pronunciation, comprehension, vocabulary, grammar, and both written and spoken English. It will be understood that the CIT will have to speak English at all times during his or her stay at camp.

3) The CITs will also get an exciting leadership experience through outdoor activities and different theme days by working with a small group of their motivated peers, the dynamic counsellor team and all the campers at camp.

Things to bring to camp

Medical information form