Our team

Our Staff – A team like no other!

At Camp La Grande Aventure en Anglais we work hard to find the best counsellors and outdoor specialists. We hire older students from Colleges and University across Canada, mainly Québec and Ontario students studying in many fields including future teachers. When hiring, we look for staff who are passionate about children, want to live an incredible outdoor experience and students who have previous experience working with children. We also want our staff to be responsible, mature, fun, dynamic and welcoming.
Our staff all speak English fluently and have a good comprehension of the French language to help your child progress in English conversation throughout the day. Whether it be at the rock wall helping campers climb to the top, while canoeing, directing each other on how to manoeuvre through the rapids or teaching campers how to make a friendship bracelet, our staff is always around to ensure that campers are speaking English or have someone to help them with words or phrases they do not know.

Our staff is an example of positive leadership for your child in encouraging their independence, self confidence and support, but most importantly, our staff help your child feel safe and integrated at camp.

Director – Emma Kennedy (Skimmer)

Has been at Camp LGA since 2008 and a Camp Director since 2015. She has a DEC in Adventure Tourism and a Bachelor’s degree in Education. She has taught at several schools in Ontario and Quebec as a supply teacher. However, her true passion is working with kids in the outdoors teaching them about nature and giving them self confidence.

Assistant to the Director – Kayleigh Girard (River)

This is my first year with LGA, and I am really excited about it!

My background is mostly in libraries, with a lot of time spent in children’s and youth services (storytimes, book recommendations, and finding information for school projects!), but most recently I was working in a behind-the-scenes role in a municipal archive. I came to work for LGA because I really missed working with kids and working directly with people in a more active way. I’m passionate about language, education, reading, and the outdoors!

We’re working hard to make camp awesome this summer and I can’t wait to meet all of our campers and families!

Coordinator – Roxanne Losier (Raven)


I went to camp as a camper for four years and have worked at LGA for three years – starting as a CIT, then a counsellor, to finish as an outdoor. This summer will therefore be my eighth year at LGA!

Outside of camp, my work experience revolves mainly around restaurants. The reason behind this choice is that I love interacting with new people on a daily basis, and facing the new challenges that the restaurant world brings. Regarding my education, I have now completed my CEGEP in the pure sciences program and intend to pursue my studies in animal medicine.

Working at LGA has taught me a lot about myself. Mostly, it showed me how to work on and recognize my flaws and how to use my strengths to improve my work and help others. What I love about working at LGA is that it becomes more than a workplace; it becomes a home. When campers come in, they enter a safe environment where they can try new things and step out of their comfort zone without being scared of failure. As a staff member of LGA, we get to witness the growth in each camper and we get to be there for them whether they need comfort, a little push or simply a friend to talk to. Working at LGA has allowed me to make lifelong friendships with my coworkers and has showed me how to have a positive impact on others. This summer, I am looking forward to all the new challenges that this new role has waiting for me. I cannot wait to meet new coworkers and new campers, and to get to know their story as well as seeing all the happy faces of returning campers. Another summer at LGA means another summer full of new connections, laughter and moments that will stay with me forever. See you soon LGA 🙂

Coordinator – James Vitale (Bagel)


This will be my third year as a part of the LGA staff! I started out as your run of the mill camp counsellor, then made my way to the role of cabin leader for Raccoons, and am now preparing to be one of the coordinators for the 2020 season!

Overall, this will be my fifth summer working as a counsellor at a summer camp. What started as a part time summer job when I was 16 has quickly turned into something that I am extremely passionate about. In school I studied fairly outside the realm of education and decided to pursue a career in computer programming after high school. However, after some time, I realized that it wasn’t for me and switched to working in the restaurant industry. Ever since then I have been alternating working at LGA during the summer, and working as a line cook the rest of the year. This has been especially great for me because it has given me the opportunity to pursue two completely different fields at the same time, especially when I get the chance to cook on camping trips!

I love LGA because it is one of the few places that I can truly go wild. Singing at the top of your lungs, playing games, performing skits around a camp fire, camping, rock climbing, and everything in between makes me feel free. When I’m at camp it doesn’t feel like a job or a chore, I wake up every day excited to meet the possibilities with a smile. Ensuring that the campers feel happy, safe, and comfortable is something that I take great pride in. Watching them grow as a person over the course of just a couple of weeks is truly something to behold. Seeing their faces as they try new things and step out of their comfort zone every day to me is amazing! Giving them the opportunity to learn whether it be about English, nature, relationships, or even themselves is some of the most fulfilling work I have ever had the pleasure of doing. Finally, and most importantly of all, watching them learn from their mistakes and truly reach a point of personal growth is one of the main reasons I love working at LGA.

Associate Leader – Nat Lachance (Tango)


I have completed three summers at LGA, and this upcoming summer will be my fourth!

I have worked in daycares, in fast food restaurants, and have tutored before finding camp. I completed a bachelor’s degree in Mathematics and English Literature through the University of Ottawa last year. I am currently attending Teacher’s College at Laurentian University, in order to become a qualified high school teacher in Ontario.

I do not think I have enough space to describe my love for LGA! I love the personal growth everyone on camp experiences. Camp provides campers, as well as staff, an opportunity to learn more about themselves, through the challenges it brings: whether it be the challenge of disconnecting for two weeks from the outside world, making it to the top of the rock wall, or even learning to trust your peers through leadership activities! I also love the camp atmosphere. Everyone is free to dress as they please, and to be as silly as they please! I truly appreciate the moments at camp where we can all be kids again.

I am so beyond excited for the upcoming summer because every summer is unique! I am so excited to see all the returning campers after another year of school, as well meet new campers. I will love to watch them grow and bond alongside their new friends! As I will be occupying a new position this summer, I am also excited for the new challenges and experiences in which I will partake!

CIT Leader – Marie Parizeault (Dory)


I’ve been going to camp for 5 years (2 years as a camper, 1 as a CIT, 2 as staff). This summer will be my sixth year!!!

I worked in another camp in 2018 to gain more experience and experience something else. However, I realized LGA was more of a fit for me.

During the year, I work for SOSprof, a tutoring organization, and study law at Laval University.

Working at LGA taught me so much about myself: I faced many challenges that allowed me to become a better person. I love LGA because it’s one of the places I can be my true self and forget about my busy everyday life. Camp is a place where where you get to unplug from technology, spend time outside, sing all day long and where everyone, campers and counselors alike, is able to let loose.

As a counselor, you get to be an integral part of memories made at camp. Helping kids build their own unforgettable experiences and friendships as well as watching them overcome their fears and grow is so rewarding.

I am SO excited to come back this summer as the CIT leader and work with 8 wonderful returning campers. I can’t wait to get to know them more and mostly, see them grow and become amazing assistant counselors. I am more than ready to face this new challenge and I can’t wait to see you all!