Nature classes

Nature classes

Founded in 1990, our English immersion camp offers you the opportunity to experience a unique and enriched nature class experience at: La Grande Aventure… en Anglais!

Our camp, located on Lake Pimbina, 7 km from the village of Saint-Donat in the Laurentians, offers two or three day nature class programs. Our dynamic staff of English speaking counsellors will introduce your students to the pleasures of the outdoors.

Activities such as canoeing, mountain biking, rock climbing and hiking on mountain trails are planned in this magnificent natural setting adjacent to the beautiful nature reserve of the Parc du Mont Tremblant with a ratio of 1 anglophone counsellor for 6 students.

Why should you choose our camp for your spring nature classes?

– La Grande Aventure… en Anglais is an excellent complement to the English classes that your students take at school and the camp outing can be a well-earned reward to celebrate the end of classes.
– The students have an opportunity to practice what they have learned in school through dialogue with our counsellors and other students. The ratio is 1 counsellor for 6 students.
– Your students are coached and encouraged by our competent and friendly counsellors.
– The camp experience in our beautiful setting reinforces the friendship developed among the students in your classes and provides unforgettable end of year memories.
– The students have the opportunity to experience different outdoor activities that extend their physical aptitudes.

Length of session :

Two and a half days and two nights

Availability :

Nature classes are available from Mai 25th to June 15th. Please contact us for availabilities.

Lodging :

Separate rooms or small dorms with shower and bathroom facilities. Bunk beds and storage space are available for a maximum capacity of 100 students.

Other services :

Cafeteria, outdoor stage

Site and activities :

Beach, Sports fields (soccer, basketball, volleyball, badminton), canoeing, archery, camp fire, leadership games, access to adjoining Parc du Mont-Tremblant for hiking. Mountain biking and rock climbing on a natural wall are available within 3km from camp.

Season 2023


Meals and snacks :

7/8 meals and 6/7 snacks.

For more information please call us at 1-819-424-3636.