Life at camp

Life at camp

La Grande Aventure … en Anglais! is a camp for boys and girls between the age of 7 and 17 years of age and accommodates a maximum of 115 campers. We have a ratio of 1 counsellor for every 3 campers, allowing the counsellors to get to know each of our campers personally and tailor their camp experience to their special needs and interests.

When campers arrive, they are placed in groups of 10-11 campers of the same age and counsellors facilitate ice breakers games and initiate conversation to enable the campers to feel comfortable and safe in their new environment.



Campers sleep in dormitories of their same gender and approximate age. The camp’s dormitories are clean, comfortable and provide the privacy that the campers need to rest at the end of their day at camp. The dormitories consist of bunk beds, storage space and bathrooms with showers and toilets. The counsellors have their own enclosed bedroom adjoining the camper’s dormitories to ensure the security of our campers.



The campers can take advantage of all the camp’s facilities including our beautiful sandy beach on Lake Pimbina under the constant supervision of our certified lifeguards. We also have a huge sandy area where campers can play large group games and enjoy running and hiding in the edge of the forest. The camp has a soccer field , basketball court, beach volleyball and outdoor badminton courts.

At mealtimes campers meet in our cafeteria, where they are served 3 healthy meals a day, approved by a nutritionist, along with 3 healthy snacks including fruit. Campers can also benefit from the salad bar at lunch and supper . At meal times, campers sit at large tables with counsellors and they can interact through table games and group discussions. The cafeteria is nice and bright with large windows which have a view of the lake and the campers’ play area.

Our infirmary is staffed 24 hours a day by dedicated employees with up-to-date first aid certifications. Medical facilities are available within 10 minutes of the camp at the St-Donat CLSC and 30 minutes away in the Ste-Agathe hospital. We have 2 staff members who are dedicated to helping campers during first aid situations and who also manage campers medication. If your child takes medication regularly these staff will meet with them on the first day and will be responsible for giving your child their medication when necessary.

Laundry service is offered at a cost for campers spending more than twelve days at camp.

Upon arrival, every camper makes the commitment to speak English at camp. Our dynamic and enthusiastic counsellors are always nearby to help the campers find the right word and the right pronunciation to express their ideas in English. Learning English is a challenge and there are many rewards throughout the camp session to recognize our camper’s efforts. See English conversation workshops for more details about how your camper will learn English at camp.