English at camp

English At Camp

At camp, our campers speak English throughout the day. In the morning, English is at the heart of our small conversational workshops, called “Chatgroups”, and our numerous “Challenge Time” activities.  At meal and snack times, campers continue their progress in English in a more informal setting. In the afternoon exciting activities on our lake, river, beach, mountain and trails take our campers through unique outdoor experience where campers have so much fun they don’t realize that they are immersed in an English setting. in the evening the fun continues in organized large group games, animated campfires, talent show and journal times where campers enjoy the glorious end of summer day in the company of the new-found friends.

We welcome campers with different levels of English. Our staff is trained to make every camper feel comfortable at camp, even if the camper as no experience in English. We make sure to adapt our approach so that each camper understands the safety instructions and rules of play, so he can have fun at camp. A camper can come to camp as a beginner, intermediate or as an advanced English speaker and he will improve his ability to speak and understand English. 

Every morning, in our “Chatgroups”, we gather 5 campers of the same age group and level of English so that . they can develop in a safe space with no judgement. Campers get 20 hours of structures English per week without recreating a school environment. During this time, we engage campers in fun activities like creating new games or new sports, spy games, role plays, camp elections, treasure hunts, mock trial, vocabulary relay races, murder mystery games, creating a magazine, presentation of stories or legends, and more. Our mature and engaged staff ensure that they adapt the “Chatgroups” to the camper’s interest and their level of English. 

At night, campers work on their personal journals and to increase their confidence in speaking English, campers engage in a sketch presented on camp’s closing night’s show. this sketch is a fun group project that allows campers to demonstrate the progress they made learning English at camp. 

At the end end of the camper’s stay, a certificate of accomplishment is awarded to each camper describing their progress and level of English attained.