The campers will participate in many exciting outdoor activities and sports throughout their stay at camp.
Campers will learn different techniques and best practices in all outdoor activities with the help of their counsellors and outdoor specialist. 

Rock Climbing

On a natural rock wall, 3km away from camp, amd a bouldering wall at camp.

Obstacle Course

To text camper's agility and strength.


To practice camper's aiming skills on our 4 big targets.


Campers will learn how to make a fire and how to build a rainproof shelter.

Mountain Biking

On a wooded trail in St-Donat, for campers 11 and older with biking experience.


On beautiful trails around camp with great views, waterfalls and small animals.

Canoeing and Rabaska

On Lac Pimbina and on La Diable river for our older campers. Campers will be taught the different paddle strokes and security measures before the canoe outgoing.

Canoe Camping

All our campers staying a minimum of 12 days at camp will spend two days camping. Our younger campers from 8 to 11 years old will be camping on our private island and sleep in prospector tents. Once on the Island, they will cook their food over a fire, play games and explore the island with their team of counsellors. Our campers,12 years and older, will be camping in the Mont-Tremblant Provincial Park, canoeing down part of the river La Diable, including a beginner’s rapid and camping in one of the SEPAQ campgrounds for one night. The campers will learn how to set up tents, make a fire and cook their food.

Camping Summit

Is reserved for campers over 14 years old who are looking for an extended and challenging outdoor adventure. It is the experience that creates amazing friendships. During the summer, two groups accompanied by 3 experienced staff will go on a 5-day trekking-canoe camping trip. The adventure begins with a trek in Mont-Tremblant Provincial Park, sleeping in the Park’s shelters and ends with a canoe trip on the river La Diable, sleeping in tents on the Park’s campgrounds. During this trip, campers will be autonomous, they will carry their clothes, food and cook on camp fires, creating a memorable adventure that they will not forget, all in English of course!

At camp, many group activities are organized to complement the outdoor activities: leadership games, arts and crafts, swimming at our supervised beach with trained lifeguards, yoga kayaks, soccer, basketball, volleyball, ping pong, mississippi, box hockey, frisbee, touch footbal and intramural tournaments. 

Special Days

On the first day at camp, ou LGA Extravagenza will help integrate campers in their group for them to make friends quickly. 

Different Theme Days throughout the session at camp will follow, with the staff and campers dressing up for themes like Christmas, Halloween, Disney, Pirates, Valentine's Day and more! This will male the camper's stay even more entertaining! 

We finish the session with an exciting Amazing Race to challenge the campers and their peers in a stimulating ambiance.