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About us


Since 1990, Camp La Grande Aventure en Anglais helps campers between the ages of 7-17 years old to improve their English skills through active, engaging and fun conversational workshops and exciting outdoor activities. These outdoor activities take place in the natural setting near Mont Tremblant provincial Park, in St-Donat and offer campers the opportunity to build self confidence, leadership and to discover new passions with well trained and dedicated staff.

History of the camp

La Grande Aventure… en Anglais! has its roots in the Saguenay region and was first established as a language school specializing in teaching English as a second language. The school’s teaching professionals, operating under the name of École de Langues Anglian Inc., developed an innovative and dynamic teaching methodology based on conversation workshops. The language school was very successful and expanded its operations to include an English language day camp for youths. The day camp eventually became a full live-in camp certified by the Québec Camping Association.

In 1998, the camp was relocated to the Saint-Donat area on its current Lake Pimbina waterfront property. Current owners, Julie Sauvé and Pierre Chadi, purchased the camp into 2004 to continue the English immersion mission. Since then, the camp has evolved its teaching methodologies with fun-filled workshops and outdoor adventure activities that offer an alternative learning experience to traditional academic teaching of English as a second language.

Camp owners

The goal of La Grande Aventure … en Anglais! is to provide total English immersion in a relaxed, fun-filled learning environment that allows the campers to overcome their apprehensions in learning a new language. The campers will develop their English language skills while taking advantage of the beautiful outdoor setting of the camp and the adjacent Parc du Mont Tremblant. The camp has received a 4-star rating from Québec’s Tourism Industry Corporation (CITQ).

Life at camp

Life at camp

La Grande Aventure … en Anglais! is a camp for boys and girls between the age of 7 and 17 years of age and accommodates a maximum of 115 campers. We have a ratio of 1 counsellor for every 3 campers, allowing the counsellors to get to know each of our campers personally and tailor their camp experience to their special needs and interests.

When campers arrive, they are placed in groups of 10-11 campers of the same age and counsellors facilitate ice breakers games and initiate conversation to enable the campers to feel comfortable and safe in their new environment.



Campers sleep in dormitories of their same gender and approximate age. The camp’s dormitories are clean, comfortable and provide the privacy that the campers need to rest at the end of their day at camp. The dormitories consist of bunk beds, storage space and bathrooms with showers and toilets. The counsellors have their own enclosed bedroom adjoining the camper’s dormitories to ensure the security of our campers.



The campers can take advantage of all the camp’s facilities including our beautiful sandy beach on Lake Pimbina under the constant supervision of our certified lifeguards. We also have a huge sandy area where campers can play large group games and enjoy running and hiding in the edge of the forest. The camp has a soccer field , basketball court, beach volleyball and outdoor badminton courts.

At mealtimes campers meet in our cafeteria, where they are served 3 healthy meals a day, approved by a nutritionist, along with 3 healthy snacks including fruit. Campers can also benefit from the salad bar at lunch and supper . At meal times, campers sit at large tables with counsellors and they can interact through table games and group discussions. The cafeteria is nice and bright with large windows which have a view of the lake and the campers’ play area.

Our infirmary is staffed 24 hours a day by dedicated employees with up-to-date first aid certifications. Medical facilities are available within 10 minutes of the camp at the St-Donat CLSC and 30 minutes away in the Ste-Agathe hospital. We have 2 staff members who are dedicated to helping campers during first aid situations and who also manage campers medication. If your child takes medication regularly these staff will meet with them on the first day and will be responsible for giving your child their medication when necessary.

Laundry service is offered at a cost for campers spending more than 13 days at camp.

Upon arrival, every camper makes the commitment to speak English at camp. Our dynamic and enthusiastic counsellors are always nearby to help the campers find the right word and the right pronunciation to express their ideas in English. Learning English is a challenge and there are many rewards throughout the camp session to recognize our camper’s efforts. See English conversation workshops for more details about how your camper will learn English at camp.



Our staff

Our Staff – A team like no other!

At Camp La Grande Aventure en Anglais we work hard to find the best counsellors and outdoor specialists. We hire older students from Colleges and University across Canada, mainly Québec and Ontario students studying in many fields including future teachers. When hiring, we look for staff who are passionate about children, want to live an incredible outdoor experience and students who have previous experience working with children. We also want our staff to be responsible, mature, fun, dynamic and welcoming.
Our staff all speak English fluently and have a good comprehension of the French language to help your child progress in English conversation throughout the day. Whether it be at the rock wall helping campers climb to the top, while canoeing, directing each other on how to manoeuvre through the rapids or teaching campers how to make a friendship bracelet, our staff is always around to ensure that campers are speaking English or have someone to help them with words or phrases they do not know.

Our staff is an example of positive leadership for your child in encouraging their independence, self confidence and support, but most importantly, our staff help your child feel safe and integrated at camp.

Charlotte Gélinas-Gagné (Slinky)


Charlotte aka Slinky holds a bachelor’s degree in Exercise Science from Concordia University and a bachelor’s degree in Psychology from Bishop’s University. She is also in the process of completing a master’s degree in Child Studies and Child Development.

Charlotte’s camp philosophy is to provide a positive and unique experience for each camper through building partnerships between parents and camp while training strong, compassionate, and energetic staff. During the summer, she is often seen making friendship bracelets, wearing a life jacket, or a princess costume. Canoeing, yoga kayak, and biking are some of Charlotte’s favourite activities at camp and stimulate her outdoorsy personality. Oh, and camping! Charlotte loves camping!

She is passionate about the effectiveness of the English-immersion program at camp La Grande Aventure, as she herself learned English at camp. Through her experience at camp as a camper, assistant counsellor, counsellor, outdoor specialist, and coordinator she strives at providing support for staff members, campers, and parents.

Marjolaine Paradis (Clumsy)


Before becoming a camp counsellor at LGA, Marjolaine aka Clumsy spent four summers as a camper and a summer as Counsellor in Training (CIT). Seeking new challenges, Marjolaine left LGA in 2016 and worked as a coordinator in a sailing camp and as a traveling agent for youth in North America. Marjolaine holds a Leisure Management degree from Cégep de Saint-Jérôme and a bachelor’s degree in Cultural Studies from l’UQAM.

In constant need of adventure, Marjolaine lived in different areas of the country, notably in Gaspesie, Îles-de-la-Madeleine, and Vancouver. She also travelled to New Zealand and Asia among other countries.

Marjolaine strongly believes in the impact of camp on the development of youth. She hopes to foster critical reflection, autonomy, and self-esteem in campers through her role as a director. She loves having deep conversations with campers as much as she loves to laugh with them. Her summers at camp always include tons of laughter, singing, dancing, and silly costumes. Canoe-camping is definitely Marjolaine’s favourite activity at camp!



Sara Coutts (Koda)


Sara is an Ontarian who spent two incredible summers at LGA back in 2016 and 2017 as a camp counselor/cabin leader. After graduating with a 4-year Bachelor of Arts degree in the Social Sciences, she decided that she wanted to gain more life experience by travelling abroad. Most notably, she travelled Asia and New Zealand, lived in Australia, and then in Whistler, BC just last year, where she worked and practiced her sweet snowboarding skills!

Sara is beyond excited to add more to LGA's story this summer as the coordinator! She is passionate about music, dance, the outdoors and helping others reach their fullest potential. That's a huge part as to why Sara is so excited for her role in supporting the staff in any and all ways. She believes that by providing them with exceptional tools, our counsellors and outdoors will exceed in guiding our campers through an extraordinary summer. She is really looking forward to seeing positive growth in both staff and campers and can't wait for the camp magic and to make memories of a lifetime!




The campers will participate in many exciting outdoor activities and sports throughout their stay at camp.
Campers will learn different techniques and best practices in all outdoor activities with the help of their counsellors and outdoor specialist. 

Rock Climbing

On a natural rock wall, 3km away from camp, amd a bouldering wall at camp.

Obstacle Course

To text camper's agility and strength.


To practice camper's aiming skills on our 4 big targets.


Campers will learn how to make a fire and how to build a rainproof shelter.

Mountain Biking

On a wooded trail in St-Donat, for campers 11 and older with biking experience.


On beautiful trails around camp with great views, waterfalls and small animals.

Canoeing and Rabaska

On Lac Pimbina and on La Diable river for our older campers. Campers will be taught the different paddle strokes and security measures before the canoe outgoing.

Canoe Camping

All our campers staying a minimum of 12 days at camp will spend two days camping. Our younger campers from 8 to 11 years old will be camping on our private island and sleep in prospector tents. Once on the Island, they will cook their food over a fire, play games and explore the island with their team of counsellors. Our campers,12 years and older, will be camping in the Mont-Tremblant Provincial Park, canoeing down part of the river La Diable, including a beginner’s rapid and camping in one of the SEPAQ campgrounds for one night. The campers will learn how to set up tents, make a fire and cook their food.

Camping Summit

Is reserved for campers over 14 years old who are looking for an extended and challenging outdoor adventure. It is the experience that creates amazing friendships. During the summer, two groups accompanied by 3 experienced staff will go on a 5-day trekking-canoe camping trip. The adventure begins with a trek in Mont-Tremblant Provincial Park, sleeping in the Park’s shelters and ends with a canoe trip on the river La Diable, sleeping in tents on the Park’s campgrounds. During this trip, campers will be autonomous, they will carry their clothes, food and cook on camp fires, creating a memorable adventure that they will not forget, all in English of course!

At camp, many group activities are organized to complement the outdoor activities: leadership games, arts and crafts, swimming at our supervised beach with trained lifeguards, yoga kayaks, soccer, basketball, volleyball, ping pong, mississippi, box hockey, frisbee, touch footbal and intramural tournaments. 

Special Days

On the first day at camp, ou LGA Extravagenza will help integrate campers in their group for them to make friends quickly. 

Different Theme Days throughout the session at camp will follow, with the staff and campers dressing up for themes like Christmas, Halloween, Disney, Pirates, Valentine's Day and more! This will male the camper's stay even more entertaining! 

We finish the session with an exciting Amazing Race to challenge the campers and their peers in a stimulating ambiance. 

English at camp

English At Camp

At camp, our campers speak English throughout the day. In the morning, English is at the heart of our small conversational workshops, called “Chatgroups”, and our numerous “Challenge Time” activities.  At meal and snack times, campers continue their progress in English in a more informal setting. In the afternoon exciting activities on our lake, river, beach, mountain and trails take our campers through unique outdoor experience where campers have so much fun they don’t realize that they are immersed in an English setting. in the evening the fun continues in organized large group games, animated campfires, talent show and journal times where campers enjoy the glorious end of summer day in the company of the new-found friends.

We welcome campers with different levels of English. Our staff is trained to make every camper feel comfortable at camp, even if the camper as no experience in English. We make sure to adapt our approach so that each camper understands the safety instructions and rules of play, so he can have fun at camp. A camper can come to camp as a beginner, intermediate or as an advanced English speaker and he will improve his ability to speak and understand English.

Every morning, in our “Chatgroups”, we gather 5 campers of the same age group and level of English so that . they can develop in a safe space with no judgement. Campers get 20 hours of structures English per week without recreating a school environment. During this time, we engage campers in fun activities like creating new games or new sports, spy games, role plays, camp elections, treasure hunts, mock trial, vocabulary relay races, murder mystery games, creating a magazine, presentation of stories or legends, and more. Our mature and engaged staff ensure that they adapt the “Chatgroups” to the camper’s interest and their level of English.

At night, campers work on their personal journals and to increase their confidence in speaking English, campers engage in a sketch presented on camp’s closing night’s show. this sketch is a fun group project that allows campers to demonstrate the progress they made learning English at camp.

At the end end of the camper’s stay, a certificate of accomplishment is awarded to each camper describing their progress and level of English attained.

Typical day

Typical day

7 a.m. Rise and shine, Top Shape Club
8 a.m. Breakfast
8:45 a.m. Cabin clean-up
9 a.m. Conversation workshop
10:45 a.m. Snack
11 a.m. Sports and choice of supervised activities*
12 p.m. Lunch
12:45 p.m. Intramural leagues, choice of activities** or rest
1:30 p.m. Afternoon activities by age group (canoeing, rock-climbing, mountain biking, hiking, forest survival, arts & crafts or theme days)
3:45 p.m. Snack
4 p.m. Swimming
5 p.m. Supper
6 p.m. Camp journal and sketch
7:30 p.m. Snack
7:45 p.m. Group night games
8:45 p.m. Camp fire
9 p.m. Preparation for bed-time
9:30 p.m. Lights out for 8 – 11 years old!
10 p.m. Lights out for 12 – 16 years old!

* Choice of supervised morning activities for mixed age groups: badminton, obstacle course, archery, canoeing, swimming, kick boxing, dance, canoeing, arts & crafts, survival, board games and more.
** Choice of lunch-time activities: ping-pong, mississippi, basketball, volleyball, soccer, bracelets, reading or rest.