Welcome to Camp

Welcome to Camp

My name is Emma Kennedy and I have been working at Camp La Grande Aventure en Anglais for the past 8 years. I absolutely love this place and I love the learning environment it gives to kids and teenagers.


My dream has always been to work with children of all ages, gender and culture hence why I obtained my teaching certificate from Western University in Ontario. However, while in school I discovered other passions of mine such as sports, outdoor activities and arts and crafts (creativity), which I deem important for kids. This camp has given me the perfect opportunity to teach children English in an outdoor athletic setting while allowing the campers to be creative and learn about themselves. I don’t think a learning environment can be anymore enriching than the one we have created at Camp La Grande Aventure en Anglais.

My goal in these posts is to help parents and teachers to create this environment in their homes and classrooms to enchance learning a second language, such as English. A lot of what I will be sharing will be applicable to teach and coach kids and teenagers in any language and even different topics such as Science, History, Dance etc. Not only will I provide different techniques but some research to support my techniques and to inspire yourselves and kids to want to learn in the outdoors where our senses are fully activated.


I look forward to inspiring you to be creative while teaching or showing something new to your kids whether it be at home or in the classroom.