About us


Since 1990, Camp La Grande Aventure en Anglais helps campers between the ages of 7-17 years old to improve their English skills through active, engaging and fun conversational workshops and exciting outdoor activities. These outdoor activities take place in the natural setting near Mont Tremblant provincial Park, in St-Donat and offer campers the opportunity to build self confidence, leadership and to discover new passions with well trained and dedicated staff.  

History of the camp

La Grande Aventure… en Anglais! has its roots in the Saguenay region and was first established as a language school specializing in teaching English as a second language. The school’s teaching professionals, operating under the name of École de Langues Anglian Inc., developed an innovative and dynamic teaching methodology based on conversation workshops. The language school was very successful and expanded its operations to include an English language day camp for youths. The day camp eventually became a full live-in camp certified by the Québec Camping Association.

In 1998, the camp was relocated to the Saint-Donat area on its current Lake Pimbina waterfront property. Current owners, Julie Sauvé and Pierre Chadi, purchased the camp into 2004 to continue the English immersion mission. Since then, the camp has evolved its teaching methodologies with fun-filled workshops and outdoor adventure activities that offer an alternative learning experience to traditional academic teaching of English as a second language.

Camp owners

The goal of La Grande Aventure … en Anglais! is to provide total English immersion in a relaxed, fun-filled learning environment that allows the campers to overcome their apprehensions in learning a new language. The campers will develop their English language skills while taking advantage of the beautiful outdoor setting of the camp and the adjacent Parc du Mont Tremblant. The camp has received a 4-star rating from Québec’s Tourism Industry Corporation (CITQ).