Dates and price

Summer camp sessions and pricing 2019

Registration for returning campers begins December 1st 2018. New campers can register starting January 15th 2019.

No Date Days    Age   Price Availability
1 June 23rd to July 5th 12 8-16 1995$  
2 July 7th to July 19th 12 8-16 1995$  
3 July 21st to August 2nd 12 8-16 1995$  
4 August 4th to August 16th 12 8-16 1995$  
5 June 23rd to June 29 6 7-9 998$  
6 June 29th to July 5th 6 7-9 998$  
7 July 21st to July 27th 6 7-9 998$  
8 July 27th to August 2nd 6 7-9 998$  
9 August 4th to August 10th 6 7-9 998$  
10 August 10th to August 16th 6 7-9 998$  
11 June 23rd to July 19th 26 12-16 3980$  
12 July 21st to August 16th 26 12-16 3980$  
13 July 23rd to July 19th Summit  26 14-16 4110$*  
14 July 7th to July 19th Summit 12 14-16 2125$*  
15 June 21st to August 16th Summit 26 14-16 4110$*  
16 August 4th to August 16th Summit 12 14-16 2125$*  
17 July 23rd to July 19th CIT/PAM 26 16-17 1900$**  Upon invitation


* “Summit” Expedition, 5 days canoe-camping and hiking in refuge.
Session availability depends on registration.

**CIT Intensive English Counsellor in Training Leadership program offered on invitation only to returning campers.

Please Note:

  • 5% discount is offered for early registration until February 15th, 2019.
  • Prices above include all camp session expenses and applicable taxes.
  •  A tax credit  for daycare will be issued in January 2020.
  • Family discount: A $50 discount will be offered for a second child registered for 6 day session or $100 discount for a second child registered for a 12 or 26 day session. A $200 discount will be offered for a a third child registered for a 12 or 26 day session. A $300 discount will be offered for a fourth child registered for a 12 or 26 day session.  There are no family discounts for CIT registration since the program is subsidized. 
  • Camp will be closed for mid-camp session between Friday July 19th at 12 p.m and Sunday July 21st 1 p.m.

Refer a new family program:

  • Refer a new family that has not previously attended our camp and receive a $50 cheque when you arrive at camp.

Registration procedures:

  • After receiving confirmation from your internet reservation, please send us $500 deposit cheque for a session of 12 or 26 days or $250 for a session of 6 days ($150 administration fee is included in the deposit and not refundable).
  • In the same envelop, send us the completed medical form  (see tab Medical form) with a post-dated cheque for the balance dated May 1st, 2019.  Please wait for the confirmation email to determine the amount of the balance. All cheques are payable to La Grande Aventure en Anglais.

– No refunds will be made after May 1st, 2019 with the exception of medical illness as diagnosed by a registered doctor.

– There will be no reduction of camp fees or reimbursement for a camper arriving late or leaving before the end of the session.

– The camp direction reserves the right to send home a camper without reimbursement if he doesn’t respect the camp rules or misbehaves.